Freelancer PT 2

Welcome to the freelance collective

You’re on this page because you are a creative who has stepped out of the 9-to-5 and you want to be your own boss as a freelancer. 

The Freelance Collective is a talent channel which side steps the traditional rules and gathers your skills as a freelancer and places them with a client.

You Are part of a New generational workforce called 'The Gig Economy'

Not sure how you fit into the gig economy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Wether you’re a photographer, videographer, editor, makeup artist, producer, copy writer or a jack of all trades we’ll be the plug to get you the right jobs.

Your Journey, is our journey

We started BeyondMedia because we have been where you are. You are a freelancer who has a list of dream clients to work for. 

We took it a step further to connect the best freelancers to the greatest jobs.

BeyondMedia featured in Forbes Africa

Join the freelance collective

Being part of the freelance collective connects you to a number of business opportunities while allowing you to continue to build your brand as a freelancer.